Story Time

So about Saturday or so I was walking all over my house barefoot (creepy unfinished basement included) and I noticed an annoying pain in my foot. I brushed it off as a rock/pebble stuck to the bottom of my foot (you know how that happens) and ignored it (I was busy, what can I say). When I finally got around to brushing off the bottom of my foot (thinking that would get the rock off) I realized that it wasn’t a rock but I had actually cut my foot. Not particularly badly but nonetheless did. Sort of worrisome because my feet were like solid black by this point so I clean off the cut and attempted to band aid it (but band aids and feet don’t really work). And that was that…. until yesterday morning.

I noticed my foot was still at the same pain level as the day I cut it, which at this point it should be slightly healing so not as bad. After I got out of the shower (so my feet were clean and I could actually see it) I took a look and noticed something shiny in my foot….. that’s when I called my roomie and she pulled a piece of glass (or really hard plastic I suppose) out of my foot. I was shocked…. apparently I’ve been walking around with glass in my foot for like two or three days and didn’t even know it. My life.